Dave Schmidt Smith-Winchester

Dave Schmidt, Vice President – Public Relations Services

Smith-Winchester is a business-to-business marketing communications firm focused on developing programs to help clients shorten selling cycles, and sell more. Industries served include insurance/financial, transportation/logistics, building products, manufacturing technology, automotive components, IT services, and business software.

Allow us to get personal for a minute or two. We believe that at the heart of any company is an idea. If you work for a company, it’s probably true of yours.

It’s a good idea. Maybe even a great one. It’s the idea of who you are, what you believe. And how you deliver value. This core idea drives the organization. Delivered well, it can also drive your customers. To think about you. And to buy from you.

Our special ability is putting power behind a company’s core idea. Amplifying it – with clarity and precision – and creating a brand that engages customers. Our clients come back year after year because we help them sell more. Because we help make every customer contact a value experience. Because we’re accountable for delivering hard-working marketing communications. And because we deliver its ultimate purpose: support of more sales.



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